June 10, 2007

The next version of Fade is now coming along well. I’m writing a minimal rules set for my own playtesting – my objective was to have exactly zero words that were not required or me to run the game, although that has already fallen by the wayside. Starting again on a new document instead of editing the old one was also quite useful (in a breaking the mental chains way).

However, stripped down revision has already made some improvements. Memory engineering has lost it’s ‘old school combat, but not’ structure. It’s now just special rules for messing with drugs and memories, using the simple conflict resolution system. Drugs are also a lot simpler, with only fewer but broader effects. There is still room for a lot of variety in what different spooks have, I hope.

Hopefully this revision will be finished in a week or two, then I can get some more playtesting done.


One Response to “Progress”

  1. Orklord Says:

    Glad things are developing for you. I’ve taken a couple passes at D-Com in the past few weeks with no success.

    Let us know how the playtest goes.

    Don’t Fade away! :)

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